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Thank you for thinking about Bonnieheath Estate for your wedding!

We can help make your big day special, from saying "I do," to taking beautiful photos (photo credits to Meghan Reimer Photography). 

This one-hour consultation consists of a sampling of wine, walking tour of our spaces and property and discussion of our offerings. This will help you picture your wedding day here and answer all your questions. 

We have many pretty outdoor spots to consider, like our white Gazebo in the Lavender Sun Ray, which can seat 20 guests. The grassy area outside and around the Gazebo can accommodate 100 guests.

Our Lavender Distillery Kiln has room for 45-50 people and has rustic tables and vintage furniture.

The Farmhouse sleeps eight people and has a commercial kitchen, porch swing, and hot tub. The Cellar Suite below the Farmhouse is cozy for two and has its own hot tub.

We also have open spaces like the Side Lawn, Crab Apple Tree area, and places near the vineyard and wetland, perfect for big or small groups and party tents.

About drinks; we make our own wines and ciders, and you can enjoy them anywhere on our property. A glass of wine or cider is $8.00. You can get a discount on wine cases after your event. If you want beer or liquor, you need a Special Occasion Pemit (SOP) from AGCO. No outside alcohol is permitted without an SOP. 

For serving drinks, guests can purchase from our store or walk up window, or you can run a tab. We can provide Smart Server Hosts, or you can bring your own. Remember, we only sell drinks by the glass, and we don’t have an ATM, so plan accordingly for cash payments at your event.

We're here to help make your wedding amazing, so let’s talk about what you need for an incredible wedding at Bonnieheath Estate!

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