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Thank you for considering Bonnieheath Estate for your wedding night, ceremony, cocktail hour and professional photography experience. 

In planning for your special day, we offer a one-hour professional orientation of our services and spaces.

You and your partner (or other family and friends) will meet with our Winery Manager for a wine-tasting and property walkabout. Here you can imagine the endless possibilities of experiences you can create for yourself and your guests. 

Depending on the style and type of wedding you're planning, you want to consider all of our beautiful naturalistic spaces. We also offer the rental of wedding décor, and necessities such as chairs, signing table, and portable restrooms.

Our beautiful property has many options for your special day.

  • Our white Gazebo sits in the middle of our Lavender Sun Ray. It can fit up to 25 guests, but is better suited for a group of 20.
  • The greenspace directly outside of the Gazebo. The space is 100' in diameter, and is a natural surface, mostly of grass, and clover. 
  • The Lavender Distillery Kiln is available to hold up to 45 max. Beautiful furniture is set up in staged vignettes, to give your event a stylish yet familiar feel.
  • The 3-bedroom Farmhouse can sleep up to 8 guests It is outfitted for entertaining, with a commercial kitchen, a front porch swing, and an 8-person hot tub. Up to 15 guests can be inside at one time, but not overnight. Up to 45 people can congregate on the lawn area. 
  • We have several outdoor greenspaces that are also available to rent. Our Side Lawn sits near the entrance and parking. A little further back the spaces become private. Small groups can use the space in front of our Crab Apple Tree. Larger groups can use the space at the end of the Vineyard  near our wetland. And in the Vineyard, we can accommodate almost any size group, small or large. 
  • Most of our outdoor spaces can easily fit a 20'x40' party tent.
  • Bonnieheath Estate can accommodate larger groups, please contact us to discuss your needs.



Bonnieheath Estate has a Manufacturer, a Retail, and a Wine By The Glass license that we use to make our Wines and Ciders. Our broad license allows your guests to enjoy a glass of wine or cider in your space, while exploring the property or taking pictures. There is no outside Wine or Cider allowed, on Bonnieheath product is permitted. No exceptions. 

As per our license, we must serve all wines and ciders By The Glass. Wine and Cider consumed at Bonnieheath Estate is $8.00 per glass, and there is no bottle discount. Case discounts on Wine for after the event are available online or instore. 

If you wish to have beer or liquor at your event, you can apply for a Special Occasion Permit. The permit allows you to purchase beer and liquor from the LCBO, and bring it to your event at Bonnieheath.

Servers and hosts

One option is to have your guests purchase from our retail store or our walk up window. There is no charge for this. They can take their drink back to your event, or wander our beautiful Farm. 

Another option is for you to have a tab, and your guests can pick those drinks up at our retail or walk up window. We will hand you the bill at the end of the event.

Bonnieheath Estate hosts and servers are usually available, and must be booked in advance. There is no additional charge if your guests come to pick up drinks at the Winery, alongside our other guests, during business hours. You can also bring your own Smart Serve server. Wine and Cider is served By The Glass only at $8 per glass. 

Cash bar or Open bar? 

It is our understanding of the SOP, that you can charge a nominal amount from your guests, that you can put towards your costs of the event. Our servers can help manage your cash box, but please keep in mind that we do not have an ATM onsite. Any tips and gratuities go to your host. 

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