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Thank you for considering to visit and bring your group on tour to Bonnieheath Estate.

We love working with organizations to host fun and memorable visits. Each season, we have the pleasure of welcoming many large and diverse groups, with varying levels of needs. 

To make your booking simple and efficient, see our offerings below. You can structure your visit by budget, by simply adding items to your cart to create your own custom experience.

If you would like to offer your group a more intimate experience, we recommend booking a private Host in 30 minute increments. 

If you don't require a Host, please consider a Tour welcome. One of our Team members will meet your group at the bus and direct them based on time alloted and items purchased.

The fastest way to experience Bonnieheath is to pre-purchase each guest an alcoholic or non alcohol drink and icecream. On arrival, we will provide you, the operator with an envelope of matching preordered tickets. This allows you to hand your guests their tickets as they leave the bus, so they can hit the restroom, collect their drink and icecream and head out to relax in the lavender, or take a brief walk. For groups of 25-50 this usually takes 60 to 75 mins. We recommend allocating 90 an additional 30-45 mins for shopping and enjoying the grounds. 

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  • Tour Welcome
  • Host
  • Ice Cream
  • Non-Alcoholic Drinks By The Glass - Prepaid
  • Wine & Cider By The Glass - Prepaid
  • Sip and Shop After Hours