Collection: Photography Passes

We are thrilled to offer our exclusive roaming photography pass, granting you access to our enchanting property throughout the bloom season. Our venue is rich with diverse landscapes, including a sprawling vineyard and a serene pond location, perfect for a variety of photo sessions. Alongside these natural settings, we feature distinctive props like a vintage VW car, an old tractor, and a rustic silo top, adding character and depth to your photography.

Experience the magic of golden hour on our grounds, where the soft, warm light enhances every scene, ideal for capturing the lavender bloom or the amber hues of tall grass in the fall. These times are particularly popular for photographers arranging mini sessions or seeking the perfect backdrop for larger projects.

Additionally, our venue has become a renowned spot for engagement and wedding photography. With its versatile and picturesque landscapes, many couples have celebrated their love and created lasting memories here. For a glimpse of the potential our property holds, visit Instagram and search #bonnieheath to see examples of the stunning photography captured at our vineyard, pond, and other scenic spots.

We are eager to see the beautiful moments you will capture and are here to ensure your experience is as inspiring and fruitful as the scenery itself.

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