Healthy Soil makes wonderful wine
Winemaking: An immersive group experience
Roses at the end of the rows
Mixing diverse plants builds resiliency in the vineyard
Winemaking: An immersive group experience
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Mixing diverse plants builds resiliency in the vineyard
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Winemaking: An immersive group experience

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Immerse yourself in the splendour of Bonnieheath Estate, a jewel in Norfolk County, where the art of winemaking meets the beauty of Canadian landscapes. This exclusive vineyard experience, set for September and October, offers an unparalleled opportunity to craft your own wine amidst the picturesque setting of one of Canada's most beautiful wineries. Whether for team building or celebrating with loved ones, this event promises a blend of hands-on involvement and sensory delight, perfectly timed with the rhythm of nature.

The Journey Begins: Tasting and Selection in September

Your adventure starts with a guided tour of Bonnieheath Estate, where you'll taste an array of exquisite wines, each telling a story of the terroir and the estate's winemaking philosophy. As you explore, our expert vintners will introduce you to a variety of grapes, each with its unique character, ready for your selection. What makes this truly special for your group, is that we don't only do a tasting of the wines, but we also taste the grapes right on the vine. While not all grapes Harvest at the same time, your group will get to select the blend of grapes for your final product. *Limitations apply, please contact us for details.

Hands-on Harvest: An October Reunion

Should your group choose to delve deeper, they will return in October to participate in the harvest. Here, you'll pick the grapes you've chosen, experiencing the satisfaction of contributing directly to your wine's creation. This hands-on approach not only deepens your connection to the wine but also to your team or family, as you work together in the crisp autumn air.

From Barrel to Bottle: Your Custom Wine

Throughout the process, from the initial tasting to the final bottling, you'll be intimately involved in the journey of your wine. Our team will teach you about the fermentation, aging, and bottling stages, culminating in a wine that's uniquely yours, complete with a custom label.

This experience, carefully timed with the grape harvest, ensures that your group enjoys the optimal conditions for winemaking. It's more than just a day at a vineyard; it's an opportunity to create, bond, and celebrate in a setting that captures the essence of Canadian viticulture. Join us at Bonnieheath Estate for a winemaking adventure that promises to be one of the best events for your group.

Everyone can participate: Your Custom Experience

To ensure your experience aligns perfectly with your expectations, we recommend discussing your plans with us before booking. Our pricing structure is designed to accommodate both the group tasting and grape-picking experience, as well as the winemaking process.

Group Tasting and Picking Experience: The cost is $20 per person. This fee covers the guided tour, wine tasting, and the grape-picking activity should you choose to participate. We will send you an invoice for this portion ahead of the your scheduled day. 

Wine Production: The minimum production commitment is a half barrel, equating to approximately 140-150 standard 750ml bottles. Please note, there may be slight variations in the final bottle count due to processing factors.

Pricing and Inclusions: The base price for wine production is $20.00 per bottle, inclusive of taxes and bottle deposit. This price includes a standard bottle, a standard semi-custom label, and standard lids.

Customization Options: We offer the flexibility to upgrade various elements of your wine, such as special bottles, custom labels, unique lids, or enhancements like wax dipping. These upgrades will be priced accordingly.

Baseline Price and Extras: The baseline price for this unique winemaking experience is $3,000. Any additional costs, including extra participants, additional bottles, or any chosen upgrades, will be invoiced separately after the wine has been bottled and labeled.

We encourage you to reach out to us for a detailed discussion on these aspects of your Vineyard Visions experience at Bonnieheath Estate. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your event is as exquisite and memorable as the wines you will create and enjoy.