Wine and Melodies

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Welcome to Bonnieheath Estate, where the harmony of wine and melodies awaits you!

Join us on a delightful 30-minute journey through our beautiful winery and lavender farm. This is followed by a 30-minute self-guided tour that is recommended by your host. Our host will take you on a brief but fascinating tour, sharing the secrets of our winemaking process and the unique aspects of our regenerative agriculture and permaculture practices that give our wines their exceptional flavors.

As we walk through the vineyard, surrounded by breathtaking views of lavender fields, we'll pause to appreciate the serenity of nature. To make the experience even more enchanting, our talented host, Sean, a local musician from Waterford, Ontario, will treat you to a soulful musical performance. With his guitar and heartfelt voice, Sean will set the perfect ambiance, adding a touch of magic to your visit.

After the tour, we'll gather, where you'll get to savour a sample of our exquisite wine. Sip and enjoy the delightful flavors as you listen to another song or two from Sean, making this experience truly unforgettable.

Indulge your senses with the seamless combination of wine and melodies at Bonnieheath Estate, where every moment is designed to leave you with cherished memories. Don't miss out on this enchanting symphony for your senses.