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Experience the Exclusive 'Sip and Shop' Adventure: Wine Tasting and Boutique Tour

Book a time on Tuesday, Friday, or Saturday, from 11 am to 9 pm (latest booking begins at 7:45pm) for our extraordinary 'Sip and Shop' experience. This 75-minute journey is perfect for groups of up to 12, providing an intimate and exclusive setting to explore our award-winning selection of wines and ciders.


Be aware of the dates and times that you book this.  If the Retail store is normally open, please keep in mind that there will be other customers coming and going. If you book outside of the Retail hours, you will be the only group there!

Engage with friends in this unique event where you'll not only taste exceptional wines but also gain insights into our winemaking process and lavender cultivation. The adventure includes a tour of our tank room and charming boutique, making it an unforgettable experience for wine enthusiasts and shoppers alike.

Enhance your experience further by pre-ordering a selection of gourmet charcuterie, freshly baked pastries, or Lavender ice cream, all perfect accompaniments to our wines. Groups will make a selection for each bottle. 

Experience Options:

Group of Two:

Shop and sip of one cider, and one choice of wine. Limited options, but larger pours. 

Group of Four:

Savour a tasting of one cider, one dessert wine, and your choice of red or white wine. 

Group of Six:

Enjoy an expanded tasting of a dessert wine, a cider, and any two of: a Red, a White, a Bubbly or a Rose. 

Group of Eight or more:

Enjoy an expanded tasting of a white wine, red wine, bubbly or Rose, dessert wine, and cider. 

Booking and Availability:

Please select your preferred date and time for the experience. We'll confirm the availability after booking.

We look forward to welcoming you for a memorable day at Bonnieheath Estate, where you'll get a taste of our passion for winemaking, and the beauty of our land.

In the winter months, this is a private shopping experience.

We allow up to one additional guest to participate in the shopping, but not the tasting, for free.

Bonnieheath supports raising awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving and promoting the use of designated drivers to ensure everyone's safety.