Bonnieheath Estate Lavender & Winery


Vineyards, Grapes, & Wines

Our philosophy at Bonnieheath Estate is to grow the best grapes that our farm and climate can produce, and then, create the finest wines possible from those grapes. To that end we have planted some very new varietals to the province as well as some old standards. Additionally, we have winemaker and wine judge, Terry Rayner, from London, Ontario crafting our wines. Join us for a sampling of our unique, specially crafted red and white wines. 

A number of our 10 ½ acres of vines are planted to very cold hardy and disease resistant varieties from the University of Minnesota’s grape breeding program. They are well suited to our climate, as we are located about 12 kilometres north of the Lake Erie shoreline. Summers are long and warm here in Norfolk County. Vine roots quickly seek water by penetrating deep through the deposits of sand and rocks which are remnants of the glacial advancement that created Canada’s freshwater Great Lakes.

Environmental stewardship is also very important to us. Organic waste from the winery is composted and returned to the vineyard; light weight glass bottles are used for our bottled wines and ciders; motion sensor lights and taps, and low flush toilets have been installed in the public washrooms to reduce electrical and water consumption; and the winery and retail space is heated with energy efficient in-floor radiant heat, produced by a tankless hot water boiler.