Bonnieheath Estate Lavender & Winery

The Farm

The Farm

The origins of the Bonnieheath farm can be traced to 1801 when it was deeded from the Crown to Marion Collver. It remained in the Collver family for approximately 100 years.

At the turn of the 20th century, it was owned by Colonel William Heath, who built the farmhouse found on the farm today. Farm records found in the attic of the century home, indicate that the farm produced various small fruits, as part of the Bonnieheath Fruit Farm. 

From the 1950's to 2008, tobacco was produced on the farm’s sandy soils. Current owners, Steve & Anita Buehner, both grew up on tobacco farms and in 1990, they purchased the property from Anita's parents, who had owned it since 1974.

Today they are enthusiastically re-purposing their farm by producing a variety of crops including wine grapes, lavender, and small grains. The flourishing vineyard and lavender fields provide pleasant scenery and a charming atmosphere. 

Additionally, you will find environmental projects on the farm such as the growing of native grasses and wildflowers to promote biodiversity and pollinator habitat, as well as a wetland, which attracts many species of wildlife.