Bonnieheath Estate Lavender & Winery


Lavender Fields & Gardens - our lavender boutique features bath & body products, culinary lavender products, lavender candles, essential oils, as well as lavender plants in season.

At Bonnieheath Estate, the farm's well-draining, sandy loam soil, makes it very suitable to growing lavender. Several Lavandula angustifolia or 'English' type lavender varieties are grown on the farm including Folgate, Hidcote, Provence Blue, and Melissa. The 'French' type cultivar of Grosso, a Lavandula x intermedia, or Lavandin, is also grown. The various types of lavender on our farm create a spectacular array of purples, blues, and whites. 

The farm’s earliest cultivars typically begin to bloom in mid-June. Lavender bundles are then harvested in early July for fresh or dried bundles, and for lavender buds. The balance of the crop is harvested in late July and early August for essential oil distillation.

Lavender oil is found in tiny glands at the base of each floret. It is also found in the leaves and stems. The amount and quality can vary greatly depending on the variety, farm location and soil type, season, weather conditions, and even the time of day.

Pruning and shaping of the plants is completed by early September by removing approximately ½ of the current year’s growth. Annual pruning and maintaining a compact shape can be expected to extend the longevity of the lavender plant’s life.