Bonnieheath Estate Lavender & Winery

Hard Cider

Ciders - our Folkin' Hard Ciders are a 100% Nor'folk' Product

Apple production began on the farm in 1982, the year owner Anita Buehner and her brother graduated from a local, post-secondary agriculture program. Their father was thrilled to have full time help on the farm, but with 2 additional helpers, he needed additional work to keep them busy.

The farm, located in Norfolk County, is home to the Norfolk Fruit Growers Association and is the second largest apple growing region in Ontario. It made sense for the family to add apple production into the mix and become members of the Association.

When Steve and Anita opened the winery, their daughter, who had just returned from a semester of university in Scotland, suggested that they add hard apple ciders to their offering. She had really enjoyed the ciders in Scotland. Winemaker, Terry Rayner, said he had extensive experience with making ciders, so an additional product was launched – Folkin’ Hard Cider - a tribute to the popular fruit from Norfolk.